The Student Council for the year 2012/2013 was elected after Christmas. The selected members underwent a training day with Sr. Anna Mai to make us aware of the work we would need to do. The students on the Student Council are: 

Sixth Year –   Rachel Hogan (Head Girl) 

Orla Milea (Deputy Head Girl) 

Fifth Year -    Ciara Holden (Chairperson) 

Brìd Lyons (Deputy Chairperson)

Fourth Year- Aoife Broe (PR Team)

Olga Lacey (PR Team)

Third Year -    Mary Mahon (Secretary)

Holly Buckley (Treasurer)

Second Year -Grace Foley (PR Team)

Sarah Kelly (PR Team)

First Year –     Chloe Grinsell (Deputy Secretary)

Elizabeth Lebedova (Assistant Treasurer)

So far this year the Student Council have bought two microwaves for the hall. We have also been part school development planning and have spent three meetings contributing to policy documents re  studying, discussing and accepting the Homework Policy, the Assessment Policy and the Attendance Policy. We updated and accepted the Student Council Constitution. We have taken on board suggestions made by the students so we have several ideas that we plan to work on in September.

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Events of the Week

15-19 of December 2014


Tues 16th Dec. 2014

12.35 Dodgeball match between students and teachers organised by 5th L.C.V.P. class.

12.15 - 2.30 the school choir will sing carols at the Town Hall, Kilkenny.


Wed. 17th Dec. 2014

T.Y. musical at 2pm.

T.Y. musical at 8pm for parents and friends.


Thurs. 18th Dec. 2014

T.Y. musical at 8pm for parents and friends.


Fri. 19th Dec. 2014

Carol service in the convent chapel at 12.15.














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